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Aaron Rodgers we let a lot of people down this year. when we return to the field next season, you can expect us to look much more sharp. #gopack #cantholdusdown  
Aaron Rodgers when he took to Twitter to defend his team

He missed a lot of throws. He had some receivers open for big plays and couldn’t deliver. I also made some bad decisions that affected his stats. Overall bad game. We might be looking for a QB.
Coach JGUT in his after game presser after the loss to Detroit about QB Jay Cutler

Kwak and I just had the defense bowl
Coach Taz said in his post-game interview about the wildcard game against San Francisco

Other News

02 Dec 2014

MEE Top 10

Can you believe the season is already almost over? Let’s take a look at the MEEs 10 best teams. 10 – Tennesee Titans-7-5- We start the power rankings with Coach Anderson and the Titans. There are fringe teams chomping at their heals to get into the top 10 (i.e. Chargers,

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23 Nov 2014

MEE Gauntlet Signups Now Open!

Hey guys. Just a reminder that league sign-ups for Gauntlet are listed on this page.

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Man drawing a game strategy
21 Nov 2014

Don’t Get Trapped!

Madden Strategy with TonyCheeseSteak The Begining: Stopping the Trap run scheme   The trap run has been a running concept that has been around for ages but seems to be giving people more fits than usual in this years madden.  The strength from this play comes from neutralizing a defensive

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20 Nov 2014

Texans Mid-season Report

We are now half way through the 2015 season and the Houston Texas have turned heads. After another disappointing season Owner Captain Tomac promised the Texans would be a new team next season. He made sure his team made an impact this past off-season. That is exactly what they did

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NFL Draft 15
20 Nov 2014

All Rookie Team

OFFENSE  (Based on ratings not performance) QB Ryne Drake (Philadelphia Eagles) Malcolm Klein (Kansas City Chiefs) Timmy Haynes (Arizona Cardinals) HB Maurice Howell (Oakland Raiders) Gerard Pierce (Buffalo Bills) FB Darrayl Elmore (Chicago Bears) WR Coco Mauro (Cincinnati Bengals) Branton Coleman (Cleveland Browns) Shaquille Carroll (Green Bay) TE Xavier Motes

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17 Nov 2014

Week 8 Survivor

Only 2 Teams Remain! Kwak and Post. Who SURVIVES! Loading…

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NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers
15 Nov 2014

NFC North Breakdown

Standings                            Record      Diff    O Rank    D Rank 1.  Chicago Bears                 5-1            91            11th    

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15 Nov 2014

MEE Top 10: Teams Midway Through

This is the top 10 teams in MEE as of Week 6. The rankings below are based on the opinions of Sean….otherwise known as urblessed. Drum Roll please…. – Chicago Bears-5-1- Not meant as a slight to Coach JGut, but I’m not sure if all of the games played this

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14 Nov 2014

State of the Rams Address

The State of the Rams Address   Today at 1pm est. the St. Louis Rams head coach Plisskin held a press conference to address the status of the organization and answer questions.  The conference got started with a surprising announcement that just 5 games into the season the offensive coordinator

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13 Nov 2014

Week 7 Survivor

Week 7 Survivor is here! Make your picks below. But first, here are the results from the previous week! Will be updated as we go! Loading…

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12 Nov 2014

Early Season Report for MEEP

This has been an interesting start to the season for MEEP. Some teams are starting of the season in a big way, while others not so much. I’m going to break down the early MEEP Season and make a few predictions along the way. So with out further ado, here

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11 Nov 2014

Week 6 Survivor

Week 6 Survivor is here! Make your picks below. But first, here are the results from the previous week! Will be updated as we go! Loading…

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