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26 Mar 2015

32 in 32- Seattle Seahawks

Remember from 2007-2014 when the 49ers were possibly the best team throughout all those years, certainly the most consistent at least.  That is basically the situation for the Seattle Seahawks from 2014-2017.  With a combined record of 51-13 in those 4 years, never missing the playoffs and even losing a

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25 Mar 2015

MEE Veteran Skills Competition

Green Bay, WI — All MEE players not in the Super Bowl this weekend were invited to the league capital in Green Bay to partake in a competition to see who the fastest, strongest, smartest, and all around best athletes in the MEE are today. Here is a small list

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25 Mar 2015

32 in more than 32 — Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals – (7-9-0) Stadium: Paul Brown Stadium User: CashLlama STATS: Leading Passer: Doug Ward – 294/452 – 62%  – 3708 yds — 26 TD – 36 INT Leading Rusher: Giovanni Bernard – 247 att – 1032 yds – 4.2 avg – 6 TD Leading Receiver: Coco Mauro – 86 att – 1621 yds – 12 TD Leading Defender: Vontaze Bufict – 93

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21 Mar 2015

32 in 32 – Tennessee Titans

TENNESSEE TITANS – (10-6-0) Stadium: LP Field User: LamarAnderson23 STATS: Passing: 332/533 – 62%  – 4570 yds — 21 TD – 32 INT Rushing: 502 att – 2600 yds – 5.18 avg – 40 TD ROSTER: Notable Players: Bishop Sankey, Dez Bryant, Earl Thomas Notable Rookies: Cassidy Barnett, SEASON REVIEW: Offense: The Titans are crying “woe is me” after their head coach called

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21 Mar 2015

32 in 32 Carolina Panthers

(12-4-0) Founded: 1995 Stadium: Bank of America Stadium Coach: xSxAxNxCxHxOx Offense- 8th Defense- 11th     Team Stars: MLB Luke Kuechly, QB Cam Newton, DT Star Lotulelei, C Ryan Kalil, RE Greg Hardy, TE Greg Olsen Best Offensive Rookie: WR Kendrum Allen Best Defensive Rookie: LE Prennis Moody Season in Review- Offense: The  Panthers has one of the

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18 Mar 2015

32 in 32 – New England Patriots

On Day 5 on 32 where we cover the entire MEEP league we deal with the New England Patriots.  After a hot 8-2 start in 2014 the patriots have slipped near the bottom of the league but are in the process of working there way back up.  First lets look

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17 Mar 2015

32 in 32 – New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints – (2-13-0) Stadium: Super Dome User: Jones3511 STATS: Passing: 285/513 – 56%  – 4101 yds — 20 TD – 44 INT Rushing: 336 att – 1248 yds – 3.71 avg – 12 TD ROSTER: Notable Players: Reilly Denney, Jimmy Graham, Jairus Byrd Notable Rookies: Greg Jeffrey, SEASON REVIEW: The Saints have ensured their 3rd straight losing season,

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Detroit Lions  v Jacksonville Jaguars
16 Mar 2015

32 in 32 – Jacksonville Jaguars

What can I say about the Jacksonville Jaguars that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan – this team looks bombed out and depleted. On the field, the Jaguars have been an embarrassment – they posted 11 wins and 37 losses (.297) in Jacksonville owner HarryBodyShots’ first three seasons at the

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15 Mar 2015

32 in 32 – Denver Broncos

Can’t Believe i have to do this for my division rival so here we go. Denver Broncos (10-4-0) Founded: 1960 Stadium: Invesco Field at Mile High Coach: Mile HIGH Champ Offense – 16th Defense – 6th Team Stars: C Case Leonard, S Rahim Moore, LB Von Miller, WR Demaryius Thomas, S T.J.

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13 Mar 2015

32 in 32 – Houston Texans

It’s day 2/32 for 32/32 and we will be covering the Houston Texans.  Owner Captain Tomac has built a solid team in Houston and today we will discuss in depth the team he has constructed.  First lets look at his record over the last 4 season of the league. As we

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12 Mar 2015

32 in 32 – Washington Redskins

For the next 32 days, the admins of MEE will take a closer look at the 32 teams in the league and write a descriptive review of their season so far and perhaps a look into the future. Today we look into the Washington Redskins and what coach urblessed00 is

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2014 NFL Draft
09 Mar 2015

MEE Plans for Madden 16

Hey guys. It’s your favorite commissioner, PAPA P0ST. As we near that time of the year where people start losing interest, I urge everyone to continue to push strong so that you may retain your seniority. I don’t want anyone to miss out on next years game. But we have

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