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    Welcome to the MEE M15 Premium League

    Here is the members of the MEE M15 Premium league.  

  • Madden_NFL_15_rookies


    Official MEE48 Team Selection Draft

    Now for the moment everyone has been waiting for! The announcement of the Madden NFL 15 team selection draft has finally been released by the...

  • black-magic


    MEE Vice-Commissioner Announcement

    With the recent announcement of multiple commissioners in CFM in Madden 15, I have decided to officially announce a Vice-Commissioner to Madden Elite Evolution, who...

  • christian-oconnells-breakfast-show-absolute-radio-studio-4


    Radio Show Co-Host Interviews.

    With the new Madden coming out soon, that means the Radio show is getting ready to ramp up. Starting this next Monday, August 4th, the...

  • final_watt_salute


    MEE Survivor Week 2 Results

    Well, after a decent turnout for the first MEE Survivor game, 5 out of 16 have been eliminated. Week 3 picks are due before advance...

  • madden-rookie-rating-clintondix


    Madden 15 Rookie Ratings

    Check out the best Madden NFL 15 rookie ratings. All analysis provided by Madden Ratings Czar Donny Moore. JADEVEON CLOWNEY (83 OVR) HOUSTON TEXANS OLB (1ST OVERALL)...