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    Change of scenery for Jackson

    We have being hearing rumors that Kareem Jackson has been being shopped around, but the Texans denied all allegations of it being true. Today just...

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    BREAKING NEWS:  HEAD COACH TONYCHEESESTEAK DECLINES BALTIMORE’S OFFER TO COACH THE ST. LOUIS RAMS!! That’s right folks! After three seasons in Baltimore, Coach Tonycheesesteak will...

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    Texans may have found their guy

    Houston Texans owner Captain Tomac was proud to announce today that quarterback Ryan Mallett would be joining the team. Rumors of this deal first came...

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    Madden 15 Preseason Power Rankings – Year 1

    The much anticipated Madden 15 Preseason Power Rankings are here. Rankings were based on a variety of factors, most notably user skill, impact players, and...

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    Welcome to the MEE M15 Premium League

    Here is the members of the MEE M15 Premium league.  

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    Official MEE48 Team Selection Draft

    Now for the moment everyone has been waiting for! The announcement of the Madden NFL 15 team selection draft has finally been released by the...

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    MEE 48 Teams Announced Tomorrow

    The time is almost here! After weeks of negotiations, MEE and the 48 hour league has come to an agreement to  renew the MEE 48...

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    MEE Vice-Commissioner Announcement

    With the recent announcement of multiple commissioners in CFM in Madden 15, I have decided to officially announce a Vice-Commissioner to Madden Elite Evolution, who...

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    Madden 15 Achievements Revealed

    An article on has revealed the achievements for Madden 15. What do you guys think of the achievements. Everything seems to be pretty common...

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    Radio Show Co-Host Interviews.

    With the new Madden coming out soon, that means the Radio show is getting ready to ramp up. Starting this next Monday, August 4th, the...